The family of celebrated traditional healer, Credo Mutwa has asked the country to pray for him. The 98-year-old Mutwa is famed for his predictions of historic events in the country, such as the 1976 Youth Uprising.

His family says the healer must be given space to age gracefully.

The once vibrant storyteller, traditional healer and soothsayer is ageing. Mutwa is respected for his role in advocating the use of traditional medicines and discovering the origins of mankind.

He is now in the care of his family in his Kuruman home in the Northern Cape. His daughter, Nosipho Mutwa says the old man is no longer the same person people knew.

“Ubaba (Father in IsiZululu) can be able to talk but there is that bit of aggression because of age but he is not that energetic like before. We always pray for our elders so let’s just pray for baba to just age gracefully. He would want to be energetic and he would end up being irritable so we don’t want to do that to him.”

During his active years as a shaman, Mutwa traveled across the country in search of hidden truths. He was a mentor for scientist and researcher, Michael Tellinger.

“He is a sanusi. It is the highest level of shaman recognition that shaman can get. There is not a lot of sanusi shaman in the world and Credo Mutwa is one of those. So, while he is still here, we need to recognize the man he is; recognize the role he played in bringing honour and integrity and elevating the true history of humankind to the global population.”

Mutwa also predicted the downfall of former President, Thabo Mbeki.

Tellinger believes Mutwa’s knowledge and intelligence is unparalleled.

“It’s impossible for some people to realize that there might be an existence in this world of ours on different dimensions and while we might be having this conversation there are other activities happening around us and we are not even aware of. So, when Credo Mutwa makes predictions about what is going to happen, it surpasses most people’s understanding of it. Most people don’t even understand what I am talking about right now.”

Family and friends have now formed the Credo Mutwa Foundation to keep his legacy alive and continue teaching those interested in his work.