Power outages hit parts of Roodepoort, Observatory

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Florida residents in Roodepoort, west of Johannesburg, continue to face power disruptions following a fire at a Mechanical Switching Station near Florida Lake.

The fire, attributed to attempted cable theft, resulted in one unidentified individual sustaining burns.

Spokesperson for City Power Isaac Mangena, stated that repair efforts are pending clearance from the Department of Labour.

“We have already started sourcing all the material that is required to basically conduct repairs and supply restoration at the mechanical workshop substation. The material has been delivered on site and work will basically commence when the Department of Labour grants us clearance,” he says.

In a separate incident, residents in Observatory and surrounding areas have experienced power outages since the previous night.

City Power reported that preliminary investigations point to a trip caused by faulty Buchholz relays on one of the transformers at the Observatory substation, while some transformers in Bellevue have been activated.

The power provider says Johannesburg inner city service delivery (SDC) is actively working on resolving the issue.

Joburg residents unhappy over City Power’s delayed response to power outages: