Eskom says although power generation challenges remain, it is not anticipating any rolling blackouts this weekend.

The power utility suspended stage two of the rolling blackouts at 5am yesterday morning.

This after generation capacity recovered enough to enable it to stop the rolling blackouts.

On Thursday, Eskom said that improvements in the power system had allowed the power utility to return electricity to normal ahead of schedule.

Stage four was announced earlier this week.

This was scaled down to stage two yesterday.

Eskom CEO AndrĂ© De Ruyter told the media yesterday that he was reluctant to blame sabotage for the current situation because it was difficult to distinguish between sabotage and negligence: “It’s very often rather difficult to distinguish between negligence and sabotage. I’m quite reluctant to play the sabotage card. It is a phrase that is related to all sorts of historical connotations. So, I don’t want to claim that there is widespread sabotage. From time to time we have cable theft at power stations. They seem to be closely related to common criminality and acts of sabotage.”