ANC Gauteng in door-to-door campaign in West Rand

Gauteng Premier David Makhura
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The ANC in Gauteng came face to face with the plight of residents on the West Rand on Tuesday during a door-to-door campaign. Poverty and unemployment are on the rise and the community has lost hope.

However, Chairperson David Makhura says the ANC-led government will intensify efforts to improve service delivery across the province.

Gogo Melita Moloi, 74, stays at the back of a house which belongs to her children. She says politicians come and go, but there’s no change in their lives. Moloi has been waiting a house since 1998.

“I don’t have a house or a place to sleep. I can show you. I stay at my children’s house at the back and it’s not nice to invade their space. I’ve been on the waiting list for so long, but I still don’t have a house.”

Most young people are unemployed and loiter around the streets. Some have turned into Nyaope addicts – something that worries them most.

“The youth is struggling here because we not working besides sitting and smoking nyaope,” says one resident.

“In June, we will be out of jobs. We appeal for permanent employment because we have kids and we have so many responsibilities,” says another.

But the ANC in Gauteng says it’s never too late – change is coming.

Makhura says, “The elderly people must always be a priority. The young people need to be trained to be taken to school, taken to higher education so that they can do things for themselves. The elderly needs to be taken care of by the government and that’s what we are going to do.”

The ANC in the province has appealed to all potential voters to register by the end of January.

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