Poverty on the rise in South Africa

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As the globe observes World Hunger Day, recent statistics show the number of poor South Africans is on the rise.
This year, the day highlights the importance of fostering self-reliance, upholding principles of human dignity and recognising that every human is inherently creative, resourceful, responsible and productive.

According to Statistics South Africa more than 30 million South Africans were living in poverty in 2015.  Most of them from rural areas, children aged 17 and younger, black Africans and females.

But in Mamelodi, east of Pretoria, some are doing their best to survive. Their only hope to get something to eat is a dumping ground.

But it’s not plain sailing. While the hungry hustle on the dumps, there are some who are luckier.

An NGO has stepped in, and serves balanced hot meals daily to more than 500 people in Mamelodi.

Meals on Wheels’s Andile Tember says, “We are looking at more empowerment and development programs to ensure that people don’t just receive a plate of food but receive skills to generate some income for themselves as well.”

68-year-old Margaret Ndlovu is one of the NGO’s many beneficiaries.

Beneficiary Margaret Ndlovu says, “I like them for all they’ve done for us, the kids. We find food clothes and other stuff.”

Poverty remains a threat to healthy childhood development. The situation will hopefully change. But according to the National development Plan, South Africa could only eradicate poverty by 2030.