Postbank’s ATMs shutdown, SASSA recipients urged to use alternatives

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The Postbank has urged grant recipients to use retail stores to withdraw their social grants.

This follows social grant beneficiaries using the Postbank/SASSA gold card struggling to withdraw their December grant payments from ATMs.

Postbank and SASSA say this follows attacks on the network by criminals. Postbank spokesperson Dr Bongani Diako says millions of grant recipients were affected.

“Beneficiaries on the SASSA gold card are just about six- million, but we had already paid a good chunk of that. We had started with the old age grants; we had done the disability grants. We only implemented this necessary measure when we were starting to pay the child grants. So, a third of the six- million thereabouts is the number that we’ve moved to the retailers,” says Diako.

Postbank’s decision to shutdown ATMs: