Possible fuel price increase expected in June

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The Automobile Association says there is a possibility of a marginal fuel price increase next month. This is due to the forthcoming Carbon Tax – to be introduced on June 5.

The tax will add an additional 9 cents a litre to the petrol price, and 10 cents to the diesel price.

Automobile Association spokesperson, Layton Beard says, “What this picture is telling us at the moment in terms of petrol at least is that on the basic fuel price we are headed for a 7 cent decrease. But, unfortunately that decrease is going to be a little tempered by the fact that we are going to add this nine cents added to Carbon Tax. So in fact, we are looking probably at a two cents increase and I think the message going forward is that if we do see an increase going into June – it is going to be pretty marginal. Our outlook is that we may even see a decrease.”

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