Port Elizabeth police have recovered tyres valued at R4 million that were stolen during a business robbery in Sidwell on Friday. Spokesperson, Priscilla Naidu, says seven men entered a business property in Eveready Road.

She says they threatened and robbed the security guard before fleeing with the tyres.

Naidu says police have yet to make any arrests.

” A white trailer full of tyres was taken. Kwazakele Vispol Task Team members received an information from the tracking company that they are picking up a faint signal of the stolen trailer around Burman Road, Deal Party area. They acted on the information and found the signal to be between 4 companies.

They checked all the companies except for one that was guarded by a security service. They were initially denied access into the property and while explaining their presence, they spotted the exact same trailer next to a heap of tyres inside the warehouse.

They entered the premises and the trailer was positively identified as the one taken in the robbery. A total of 1168 tyres were seized,” says Naidu.