Pope Francis says war is in itself a crime against humanity

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Pope Francis said on Sunday war was “a crime against humanity” as he reiterated a call for peace in Ukraine and the Middle East.

“Let us not forget this (…) People need peace, the world needs peace,” the pope said after the weekly Angelus prayer.

In the prayer, he urged people not to forget those suffering due to the “cruelty of war” in several parts of the world. He has repeatedly called for peace in Ukraine and in the war in Gaza.

“Let us pray that those who have power over these conflicts reflect on the fact that war is not the way to resolve them, as it sows death among civilians and destroys cities and infrastructure,” the pope said.

Sunday marked 100 days since Hamas gunmen broke out of Gaza to launch the deadliest attack in Israel’s history, triggering an Israeli campaign to eliminate Hamas that has killed tens of thousands of Palestinians and devastated the Palestinian enclave.