Pope Francis calls for national reconciliation in the United States

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Rallies across the country have continued in cities across the United States as thousands take to the streets largely peacefully in a marked shift from running battles with police and widespread looting in the days before.

While instances of vandalism were recorded and curfews violated, there were fewer confrontations in New York as the focus returned to mourning the death of George Floyd and seeing justice for his death.

Hundreds of arrests were made across cities – largely for curfew violations – bringing the national total to several thousand in days and nights of protests in the United States but appeals for the looting and vandalism to stop, including from the family of George Floyd, appear to have had an impact.

In the video below, George Floyd’s death | Rallies continue in cities across the United States

But there were flashes of confrontation in some cities, including outside the White House where a massive deployment of law enforcement from various agencies backed by the military stood at the ready.

The militarisation of a response in Washington with some 1 600 troops deployed has raised eyebrows, even after President Donald Trump’s threats to send the military into states to quell the violence – a move widely rejected by Governors.

In Rome, Pope Francis called for national reconciliation in the United States, saying that while racism is intolerable, the street violence that had broken out was “self-destructive and self-defeating”.

In Washington, protests turn violent as SABC News Correspondent Nick Harper reports:

A day of action against discrimination was also held in London where thousands gathered in Hyde Park. SABC News Correspondent Holly Hudson reports: