The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) says they are concerned with the manner in which the private security industry conducts itself.

This came out at POPCRU National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting which was held from Friday to Sunday.

The NEC says it is concerned that the security industry has for far too long become a law unto itself without any precautionary measures in its compliance with the law.

POPCRU spokesperson Richard Mamabolo says, “I think they are three times bigger than the army and the police combined. That means there are more firearms out there within the security industry that are not really regulated.”

He adds: “I think it is also characterised by low wages, long working hours and of course when you look at most of their employees they are foreign nationals so that also is obviously a security concern, but another factor is that most of the private companies within our country are foreign-owned as well so there are no accountability measures taken by government.”

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