Pop-up restaurant in Cape Town provides a lifeline for employees

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A pop-up restaurant that’s been set up on a wine farm in Somerset-West, Cape Town is providing a lifeline for a number of employees in the hospitality sector who work there.

The industry has been crippled by several lockdown regulations, which were imposed due to COVID-19.

With both the sale of alcohol and sit-down meals at restaurants now allowed, staff at the new restaurant will be able to earn an income to help them survive. The Pop-up Café is situated in the farm’s cattle herd pastures.

Visitors to the restaurant can enjoy gourmet meals, surrounded by nature in a picturesque Cape.

“The easing of the restrictions of being able to sell alcohol is a big thing for us, because most restaurants, it hasn’t been worthwhile opening without being able to sell a glass or two of wine or whatever they sell. It’s so important for the industry that we don’t have another lockdown so that our patrons can fill our restaurants and make them viable,” Managing Director, Wayne Coetzer explains.

VIDEO: Pop-up restaurant provides a lifeline for workers