Poor Maths pass rate limits options for students: Nzimande

Blade Nzimande
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Higher Education and Training Minister Blade Nzimande says the percentage pass rate for Mathematics in the class of 2019 does not make them eligible for admission to scare skills programmes at universities.

In 2019 national overall pass rate stands at new record of 81, 3% up from 78,2 % achieved in 2018. According to the academic admission requirements, in the sciences programmes students won’t be accepted with lower than 50%  in Mathematics.

Nzdimande told the media Pretoria that this is a worrying factor.

“The worrying thing for us is that in 2019 the actual number that passed with 40% or above in Mathematics was lower than the number in 2018. The number in 2018 was 86 874 passed with this mark. And in 2019 it is 77 751. So it’s a drop. The overall number of spaces then that we have in the university system in 2020 is 201 041. However, universities would have to enrol about a 2% range of this figure. So the actual numbers after registration could be up to 4020 enrollments more.”