Corruption and poor governance are major causes of service delivery deficiencies in Limpopo. This emerged during the Limpopo African National Congress (ANC) PEC Lekgotla under way in Bela-Bela.

For years, the province has been grappling with a lack of water, housing and roads, leading to countless service delivery protests.

“We have seen very serious deficiencies, very bad unacceptable practices in the administration of the state which constituted a very serious setback to where we are now. It is a reality. It is not something we can theorise about. We have seen what corruption, mismanagement and bad governance can do,” says Soviet Lekganyane who is the ANC Provincial Secretary.

Meanwhile, with reports of suspected Coronavirus cases in Botswana, Limpopo is on high alert.

The PEC lekgotla will end on Monday.