Market research firm, Ipsos, says a recent political opinion poll has shown a possible decrease in support for the African National Congress in the upcoming Local Government Elections.

The opinion poll revealed that 49-percent of people chose the ANC, 17.9 percent went with the Democratic Alliance and the Economic Freedom Fighters received 14.5 percent.

In the 2019 national election, the ANC received 57.5 percent of the vote, the DA 20.8 percent and the EFF 10.8.

Ipsos Director Mari Harris says people were picked at random to participate in the survey.

“It was done via computer-assisted telephone interviewing. We phone from our centre, but we programmed the computer to randomly select phone numbers in the country but a person does the interview. We did 1501 interviews in 5 days – from the 16 to 20 August – and theoretically, everybody in the country had a chance to be selected, everybody with a mobile phone that is.”

‘ANC will be more divided going into the local government elections’ – Analyst

Political analyst Prince Mashile says the ANC will be more divided going into the local government elections.

He says the party’s brand has been damaged and people will be reluctant to vote for them.

Mashile says after the ANC’s NEC Lekgotla, President Cyril Ramaphosa made a promise that the governing party is looking at expanding and extending the Social Relief of Distress grant to cushion the poor and unemployed from the devastation caused by COVID-19.