Politicians more concerned about their own well-being than people: Analyst

Steven Mokgalapa
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Politicians in Africa are more concerned about their well-being than that of the people who voted them into power. This is according to University of South Africa’s Professor Lesiba Teffo.

Teffo’s opinion comes as political parties scramble to take over power in Tshwane.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has tabled a motion of no confidence against Mayor Stevens Mokgalapa and MMC for Roads Sheila Lynn Senkubuge. They’re on special leave pending the conclusion of investigations into their conduct in the wake of the leaking of a sound clip that some say shows sexual misconduct.

Professor Teffo says African leaders must do the right thing.

“It’s about brute force, and that is the tragedy of Africa. It’s not about the ANC (African National Congress), the EFF or the DA (Democratic Alliance). Where Africans are given an opportunity to serve, they serve in order to serve themselves rather than the electorate. What underscores the trade-offs it’s not X who can do the job. Otherwise, you would never have the Executive mayor you have in Nelson Mandela Bay if indeed it was about the people. Maybe it’s time that we begin to do things the right way.”