Political understanding and knowledge empowerment of leaders, topped the agenda in the Gauteng ANC Provincial Legislature’s political school at the Mphekweni Resort outside Port Alfred.

The political school takes place annually ahead of the ANC’s January 8 Statement. In 2018 it will be delivered by the party’s president Cyril Ramaphosa in East London on Saturday.

ANC Chief Whip in the Gauteng Legislature Brian Hlongwa says they want to ensure leaders are capacitated.

“It’s important that we arm ourselves and have clear understanding. Otherwise, how do we lead society ourselves if you, yourself, you lack technical know-how of what must be done. That’s the part of the challenge that we have. So, remember the issue of developing a cadre, otherwise to have those cadres that do not have technical know-how, but have the necessary commitment so that we are not self-centred. We are all about ourselves. We want to accumulate power to access resources,” he said.

One of the speakers, newly-elected NEC member David Masondo, speaking under the theme, The Development State, says it’s important for political leaders to have educational background for the country to advance.

“If you look at the developmental states that emerge in South Korea and forth, they had competent beaurocracy competent politicians. We are talking about China today … many of Chinese communists leaders are engineers. That’s why they could guide (in) industrial development. I’m not saying everyone should be an engineer in order to be in leadership, ” Masondo said.

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