Political Party: Azanian Peoples Organisation

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The Azanian People’s Organisation (Azapo) preaches the philosophy of black emancipation and black consciousness – a philosophy popularised by the late Steve Biko, who was killed in police cells in 1977.

AZAPO believed that “the capitalist system rather than apartheid was the main oppressing force in South Africa.”  It also emphasised the importance of student movements in the liberation struggle.

The movement was relaunched in 1979 out of three black consciousness organisations: Black People’s Convention, the South African Students Organisation and the Black Community Programme.

Curtis Nkondo became its president.

Azapo merged with BCMA in exile in 1994 but boycotted the general elections that year. In 1998, a faction broke away to form the Social Party of Azania (SOPA).

From 1999, AZAPO won one seat in each of the general elections until 2009 but failed to win a seat in 2014.  In 2019, the party only secured 12 823 votes (0.07%).

Strike Thokoane is the current national leader of the party.