Al-Jama-ah party’s biggest support base is the large Muslim community in the Western Cape. Formed in 2007, Al Jama-ah hopes to win the support of an equal number of voters of other faiths.

The Muslim-centrist party believes that because there is a lack of Muslim representation on the chambers of power, “there is much work to be done in an effort to nurture the spirituality of a nation which shares a belief and a divine code – the Shariah”.

The party also thinks that South Africa is a multi-cultural and diverse nation that will continually be characterised by differences.

Al-Jama-ah party, led by Mogamad Ganief Ebrahim Hendricks, aims to support Muslim interests and uphold Shariah law.

The party drew support from 0.04% (13 227 votes) of the electorate in the 2011 local elections. For the 2014 elections, Al-Jama-ah contested nationally and the Western Cape.

In 2016, it gained 36 891 votes (0.10%). Al-Jam-ah won a ward in Johannesburg from the DA. It also won a seat in the National Assembly in 2019.