As the matric class of 2017 in public schools anxiously wait for the release of their results, political parties in Parliament are sending messages of encouragement to them.

Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga will release the results on Thursday evening.

Political parties in Parliament say they share the anxiety of 2017’s matriculants.

African People’s Convention (APC) leader Themba Godi says the whole class has to be congratulated for surviving 12 years of schooling.

“We firstly want to congratulate the students who were able to sustain their schooling from Grade 1 right up to matric. Reaching matric is, in itself, an achievement and we are hoping that they will all do well and they will either find entry at universities or TVET college to improve their qualifications or skills. We need educated young people in this country for the economic development of our country.”

Both the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) and United Democratic Movement (UDM) also congratulated matriculants who sat for 2017’s exams. They have urged those who failed, to get up, shake it off, and go back to school.

UDM leader Bantu Holomisa says, “ We have gone through that phase all of us and we hope that students will accept the results. Those who have done well will celebrate, but obviously there will be those who will be unlucky. But they must hang in there. There is hope.”

Democratic Alliance (DA) Spokesperson on Basic Education Nomsa Marchesi echoes these sentiments.

“It must be nerve-wrecking at this moment because in a couple of hours the results are going to be released and I believe that a lot of learners are going to be very anxious. But for those who did well we would like to congratulate and best wishes for the future; to those who did not there is another opportunity.”

Basic Education Chairperson Nomalungelo Gina has appealed to parents to be supportive of their children no matter what the outcome of the results.

Gina says this is a difficult period for learners and they need all the family support they can get.

“We know very well even the parents are anxious; everyone is anxious to hear about the results, but we really rely on the support that the parents will give to their learners. We know parents can contribute to pressure. We plead with parents to be supportive.”

Motshekga’s official announcement of the results will be broadcast live on SABC public broadcasting stations and on SABC 1 and SABC Channel 404 on Wednesday around 6pm at Radio Park in Johannesburg.

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