Various political parties took their election campaigns to George in the Southern Cape on Saturday. Representatives from the Democratic Alliance (DA), African National Congress (ANC) and the Plaaslike Besorgde Inwoners (PBI), or Local Concerned Citizens, are in the region to convince voters to support them.

DA Western Cape Premier candidate, Alan Winde, says the DA wants to keep the Western Cape blue.

“We’ve got to make sure we keep the Western Cape, keep it blue and continue building on the track record we built over the last 10 years.”

DA supporter, Jillian Michaels, says that the party cares for people. “I’m here because the DA cares for people; they look after people’s needs, they listen to their needs.”

The PBI launched its provincial manifesto. The party will only contest the Western and Eastern Cape.

PBI President, Vergill Gericke, says the economy in the hands of black and white fat cats while ordinary citizens see no economic transformation.

“The economy is in the hands of fat cats; whether they’re black or white, it’s still in the hands of fat cats. The ordinary citizen hasn’t seen anything of the transformation of the economy. We must take the economy back and must empower our people.”

PBI supporter, Sovonia Michaels, says that they want change in their community.

“We want a better SA and a better community and we want change in our community and we believe the PBI can bring that to the table for us.”

The local ANC led a Freedom Day Walk, mobilising supporters along the way. ANC Regional Chairperson, Jovan Bruinders, says that the party wants to contribute in winning the Western Cape.

“The ANC wants to contribute in winning the Western Cape. We have at this point in time, people in all the wards in the Southern Cape working towards a decisive victory for the ANC.”

ANC supporter, Annie Noko, says that she is sure that the party will win on 8 May.

“We love the ANC, all of us and we’re sure we’ll win on the 8th. Ramaphosa will lead because of us, because we love our president.”

With only a few days to the election, political parties will attempt to cover as much ground as possible to secure more support.