Some political parties have urged Police Minister to immediately consider drastic measures to protect farmers and farm workers from what they described as the increasing barbaric killings in the country’s farms.

Parliament has held an urgent debate on the matter, amid another recent killing of a farmer, his wife and a dog in KwaZulu-Natal.

The debate was initiated by the DA, as Police Minister has just announced special units to protect farmers.
The party says it has become four times more dangerous to be a farmer in South Africa than in any other part of the world.

Democratic Alliance’s (DA) Dianne Kohler Barnard, who led the debate, says these murders are threatening food security. She says out of one 120 000 commercial farmers in the past, the country has now 38 000 because some are living the country.

Kohler-Barnard claims that there’s not enough safety and security provided to farmers and farm workers who are a vulnerable community because of the places they’re at.

“We need a joint summit to work through the rural safety threat. We need clear short, medium and long term solutions and a political will and drive to ensure implementation. We need a long term solution to this issue that will drive our country to the brink of starvation these murders must stop, we must make them stop.”

Some opposition parties agreed. IFP’s Narend Singh and FF Plus’ Pieter Groenewald describe how farmers are being murdered and call upon Police Minister to stop it.

In the video below political parties share views on killings of farmers: