Political developments in Lesotho are set to dominate talks at the SADC Extra-Ordinary Summit in Swaziland this weekend.

Lesotho is to hold early elections in June following a motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister.

President Jacob Zuma and his deputy Cyril Ramaphosa will fly to Swaziland on Friday for the two-day SADC meeting.

Zuma will participate in the SADC Double Troika Summit on Friday.

This meeting is convened to receive and discuss a progress report on the implementation of decisions in relation to the political situation in Lesotho.

It will also receive an update on the political and security situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

And in his capacity as SADC facilitator in Lesotho, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa will give a report to the summit on the regional body’s efforts to bring peace in the Mountain Kingdom.

The SADC Extra-Ordinary Summit will be preceded by the Council of Ministers’ meeting and the SADC Ministerial Retreat.