Police in Mpumalanga have evicted former Lily Mine workers who were planning to retrieve a container that is trapped underground with three of their colleagues, Solomon Nyarenda, Yvonne Mnisi and Pretty Nkambule.

The angry workers, together with families of the three and some local residents, have been camping at the mine since the 30th of April. They threatened to go underground to retrieve the container but their attempts was brought to a halt by the police who forced them to vacate the mine premises.

The families of the three mine workers who were trapped underground at the Lily Mine near Barberton 3 years ago, are calling on government to force the current owners to hand over the bodies.

One of the former workers, Herry Mazibuko asks why are they being evicted but not the illegal miners.

This happens at a time when the owners of the mine, Vintage Goldfields, have cancelled their deal with the new investor, Siyakhula Sonke Corporation.

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