Police refute reports that members allegedly shot Johannesburg student

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The South African Police Service (SAPS) has refuted reports that its members shot and wounded a university student during the financial exclusion protest in Johannesburg today.

Earlier, it was reported that a female student was recuperating in hospital after police allegedly shot her in the leg.

Police spokesperson Vish Naidoo in a statement says this is improbable.

“The SAPS can report that none of its members deployed in Braamfontein had fired any shots during the said protests. However, in an effort to disperse volatile crowds, only a smoke grenade was used in one incident and water cannons in others. This matter has not been officially reported to the SAPS making it difficult to ascertain the nature of the student’s injuries as well as the circumstances under which the injuries were sustained,” the statement reads.

The statement further says that police are looking forward to interviewing the student as well as obtaining her medical report over the matter.

Meanwhile, a group of students are gathered outside the Hillbrow Police Station, demanding the release of their comrades.

It is not yet clear as to how many have been arrested but their colleagues have vowed to continue camping outside the police station until they are released.

More arrests made in Braamfontein, one student shot:

The students’ protest is a nationwide initiative aimed at ensuring that all deserving students are registered at the country’s institutions of higher learning.

The students are demanding the scrapping of historic debt for all students and for their colleagues who have no money for registration to be accommodated.

University of Pretoria students, who are affiliated to the EFF student command, are this evening gearing up to join the revolution, while their Tshwane University of Technology colleagues have said they will join once they are done with their exams for the 2020 academic year.

The UP EFF student command is about to embark on a protest: