Police raid several Joburg CBD stores

Police Raid
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Large quantities of counterfeit clothing and footwear have been confiscated during an ongoing raid in the Johannesburg city centre.

A number of undocumented migrants have also been arrested.

The raid follows last week’s riots in the city centre where police were forced to retreat after hawkers pelted them with stones and petrol bombs causing outrage and outright condemnation from the public.

It appears word got out onto the streets about the impending police raids as most shops targeted for raiding had been closed by the time police hit the streets. Some of the shops have been forced open and large quantities of counterfeit clothes and footware confiscated and loaded onto awaiting police trucks.

The situation is tense and traffic in the city centre has been affected.

A person has been arrested after police found firearms and ammunition in his office following the police raid.

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