Several truck drivers who have been blockading the N3 near Van Reenen, in the KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), have been taken in for questioning.

Their trucks were found parked across both lanes of the N3.

The N-3 Toll Concession says police have started moving the trucks that caused major traffic backlogs in the area on Friday.

The operation was expected to continue throughout the night.

The South African Cargo Transport Drivers Association claim that the protest action is against the employment of foreign drivers.

Police Spokesperson, Jay Naicker says additional police officers have been deployed to the area.

“In the early hours of this morning, police were informed of the blockade and responded to the scene. Police officers found the trucks had been abandoned by the drivers who removed the keys before they left. Police were able to locate the keys for the vehicles. The trucks were removed and traffic was able to move although very slowly. We urge motorists to avoid the area until traffic is flowing smoothly. Additional police officers have been deployed to the area to ensure no further blockades on the route,” said Naicker on Friday.

N3 truck blockade l Motorists diverted to alternative routes

The South African Cargo Transport Drivers Association (SACTDA) claims that truck drivers who have blocked the N3 at Van Reenen’s Pass between KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng are protesting against the employment of foreign drivers.

Trucks closed off the highway in both directions since the early hours of Friday morning, forcing a lengthy traffic backlog.

The organisation says their members resorted to the action after their concerns went unheard.

President of the South African Cargo Transport Drivers Association, Daniel Mofokeng, accused the government of doing nothing about the high unemployment rate.

“Who is actually causing the high unemployment rate? It is these foreigners and now the government is also standing on their sides whereas we are raising genuine issues. These people are even driving without valid permits and licences and our government is doing nothing about that. You know how many positions have been declared redundant because of the foreigners because once a foreigner has been employed they can multi-task, my brother. Now we don’t have people as assistants, that is what is happening there in the KZN area. These people are getting many and many in the industry.”