Police officers accused of drinking confiscated alcohol

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Black Forum South Africa (BFSA) says it has filed a theft case against police officers accused of consuming confiscated alcohol from a nightclub in the Sedibeng District, Gauteng.

The organisation’s CEO, Kgagudi Morota, visited the family of the nightclub owner, responding to their claims of mistreatment by the police during a raid last month.

According to family members, the police allegedly conducted the raid without a warrant, and they have described the treatment they received as inhumane. The case has now been handed over to the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) for further investigation.

Morota expressed his concern, stating, “It is a sad story in democratic South Africa, especially in the townships where widows have no one to provide for them to establish these kinds of liquor outlets. Law enforcement agencies, in the form of SAPS, saw that as an opportunity to target them, take alcohol, and share it among themselves. It is shocking that when we check the CCTV footage, we see female SAPS holding expensive alcohol, dancing for it, and celebrating the seized alcohol.”