Police are monitoring several areas in and around Soweto following Wednesday morning’s protest action.

On Tuesday, members of the Gauteng Electricity Movement vowed to continue with their shutdown in protest over electricity cuts.

They also want Eskom to stop installing prepaid meters and are demanding that the power utility reconnect all homes that had their electricity cut-off.

In the video below, the Gauteng Electricity Movement says electricity is a basic right and should be free. They are also threatening further shutdowns.

Earlier on Wednesday, the police dispersed a crowd that had gathered to protest on the N12 near Freedom park.

Johannesburg Metro Police spokesperson Wayne Minnaar says they have managed to open the blocked roads in Soweto.

Eskom’s debt stands at billions of rands.

In Soweto alone, residents are said to owe Eskom as much as R18 billion, with many residents illegally connected.