A police forensic investigator who is part of a team probing the sexual assault of over 50 learners at a Soweto school allegedly sexually assaulted two learners on Monday.

The learners who were apparently sexually assaulted by the investigator are among those allegedly victimized by a school patroller at the school in October last year.

The Gauteng Education Department says it is unfortunate for the learners have been victimized twice in a short space of time.

Gauteng Education Department spokesperson Steve Mabona says, “It’s quiet sad because these learners suffered twice within a year while the investigation still continues. While they are still traumatized, that they must go to court and identify the initial perpetrator. They need to be now afraid of the police, it is quite a sad situation for our children.”

The police officer had been preparing the learners for the court case against the school patroller, when he allegedly assaulted the learners.

A criminal case has been opened against the police investigator and he has been withdrawn from the case with immediate effect.