Police hunt the killers of a Durban toddler and an elderly man

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Police have launched a manhunt for suspects who shot and killed a 3-year-old girl and a 68-year-old man at their home in Bonela in Durban.

According to the police, the child and the elderly man were seated in their lounge on Tuesday evening when unknown suspects entered the home and opened fire. The front door was open at the time due to the hot weather.

The motive behind the murders is still unknown.

KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson Robert Netshiunda says two cases of murder are being investigated.

Netshiunda adds, “Unknown suspects came in from the road and fired shots towards them and they were wounded. They succumbed to their injuries at hospital. The motive of the killing is subject to police investigation.”

Meanwhile, security expert Andreas Mathios is cautioning residents against letting their guard down during the hot weather. Mathios says homeowners should not underestimate the potential of a criminal.

“The sad reality of it all is that the fact homeowners can underestimate the potential of what a criminal can actually do and how quickly they can react to an opportunity where people will leave their doors open and at times even their gates. And we have come across a lot of properties in the Durban area specifically when it’s a heat wave, people let their guards down, people should be vigilant, we are living in a changing society,” Mathios adds.

Additional reporting by Taliesha Hoosen