Police deny claims of being in possession of AKA murder weapon

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KwaZulu-Natal police have refuted claims that the firearm that was used to kill South African rapper Kiernan Forbes or AKA, and Tebello Motsoane has been recovered.

The two were gunned down on Florida Road in Durban in February.

In a statement, police have labelled the claims as unsubstantiated and malicious.

KZN Police Spokesperson Robert Netshiunda says this is putting investigators under unnecessary pressure.

Netshiunda says, “This insensitive, unethical and inconsiderate reporting has a great potential of arming the persons of interests with ammunition to further complicate the police’s progress into the matter. Moreover, allegations of this nature also put the investigating team under undue pressure and endanger their lives.”

“Police are making another appeal to members of the media to respect the process of investigation, to refrain from publishing unfounded allegations and speculations, and to realise the unintended consequences of their actions. Police are making good progress in the investigation and when the time is right the public will be informed accordingly,” he adds.

Voice of KZN Police Spokesperson Robert Netshiunda: