The chairperson of Parliament’s Police committee, Francois Beukman, says they will recommend to National Treasury that the Independent Police Investigative Directorate  (IPID) receives at least R20 million in additional funding.

The IPID is appearing before the committee as part of the annual budget hearing process.

The directorate has indicated that with staff compensation taking up more than 60% of its budget, it leaves them with very little money to effect its mandate. Beukman says more funds will strengthen IPID.

“Important IPID gets necessary financial support. It’s clear from submission, corruption in the police is a huge problem…it’s clear systemic corruption, you need to at least add R20m if you want to do the job.  They must make this recommendation.”

The Executive Director of IPID, Robert McBride, says they are constantly urged to turn a blind eye to corruption in the police service. The Independent Police Investigative Directorate is appearing before Parliament’s Police committee as part of the annual budget hearing process. McBride says they are constantly targeted by SAPS members to turn a blind eye to corruption.

“Everyday (we are) inundated with requests to look the other way. This team sitting here has bled too much. Not looking the other way… so those approaching us, you can stop. Just back off” McBride says.