Police Committee adopts IPID Amendment Bill

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The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID)Amendment Bill has been adopted by the Police Portfolio Committee in Parliament. This brings the bill a step closer to becoming law. That’s despite concerns raised by the Democratic Alliance and other sectors of society about the bill not meeting Constitutional muster.

Majority of MPs serving on the Police Portfolio Committee are satisfied with the bill in its current form. The Democratic Alliance wanted to ensure its objection to the bill was noted.

“The rule is very clear…happy to submit it,” says Andrew Whitfield of the DA.

Off the bat, the DA and other parties were concerned about the bill and said it will not assist in dealing with police abuse and misconduct within the service. Whitfield said his party was concerned that the police minister still had too much say in the appointment of an Executive Director for IPID.

The process to amend the IPID Act came about when the Constitutional Court found parts of the Act to be unconstitutional. This specifically referred to the Police Minister’s power to remove the IPID Head and how the Executive Director should be appointed. Most MPs were, however, happy with the bill.

“We had robust…in the legislative process,” says Albert Seabi, SAPS PC Chairperson.

The bill will now go to the National Assembly for approval.

Video: Parliament adopts IPID Bill despite concerns by DA