Poisoning, sex ring allegations at Mangaung’s prison not far-fetched

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Prisoners’ rights activist Golden Miles Bhudu has expressed concern over allegations of misconduct within Mangaung’s G4S Correctional Facility in Bloemfontein, following recent reports suggesting the presence of a sex ring and instances of poisoning inside the prison.

Bhudu, associated with the South African Prisoners Organisation for Human Rights (SAPOHR), says that such allegations are not far-fetched, pointing out that previous concerns raised by his organization to the Department of Correctional Services have gone unanswered.

Bhudu says, “Whatever we communicated to the department for years on end—it all has fallen on deaf ears. It is still happening, and it goes unreported, unspoken about—because sometimes correctional officers have a system where they sell juvenile prisoners to elderly prisoners, in order to keep the peace and make a little bit of money—and make sure that they are in the good books of the gangsters, and the gangsters are in good books of certain correctional officers—who went on knowingly that nobody will say anything about it.”

PODCAST |Allegations of poisoning and a sex ring at Mangaung’s prison are not far-fetched:

The Department of Correctional Services, however, dismissed the reports, describing them as baseless and containing untested allegations.

Nxumalo says, “A significant amount of details in that report raised toward offenders verbally provided to the team, as a result, such would call for an in-depth investigation, to be conducted in order to ascertain any level of truthfulness. That investigation is yet to be concluded as some parts of it relate to the escape of Thabo Bester, and that is the subject of court and the investigations in that respect have never been closed.”

“It is thus unfortunate that the Sunday Times article fails to indicate to the reader that what it is reporting on is based on allegations and not factual information,” Nxumalo adds.

The article detailed the alleged misconduct and reported that female prison guards were involved in a sex work syndicate run by G4S officials and influential inmates. It also mentioned claims of a poisoning campaign within the prison.

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