‘Please Call Me’ saga heads back to court

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The ‘Please Call Me’ saga is going back to court.

Vodacom says negotiations between it and former employee and inventor Nkosana Makate have collapsed.

Makate has been at loggerheads with the telecommunications giant over a fair payment for his invention.

The #PleaseCallMeMovement protested outside Vodaworld in Midrand on Thursday.

The movement had given Vodacom until 10:00 am to pay Makate for the invention. However the mobile operator missed its deadline, sparking outrage among protesters.

They tried to force their way into Vodacom’s headquarters but police intervened.

The movement’s convener Modise Setoaba says Makate must get what he deserves.

“If Makate deserves R70-billion, let him get R70-billion and whatever that Vodacom and Makate negotiate, if both of them agree…then we’re all happy. Then we’ll go back home, celebrating that one of our own; one boy from a township created the first world invention that is used and enjoyed by so many,” says Setoaba.

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