Spanish tenor Placido Domingo on Monday played down media reports that he was hospitalised with the coronavirus, saying he was at home and feeling fine.

In a statement on his Facebook page, the opera singer and conductor said there had been “a lot of confusing and incorrect information about my current health condition (that) has been circulated in social networks and in the press.

“I am at home and I feel fine,” he said.

Domingo, 79, announced a week ago that he had tested positive for the virus and had gone into self-isolation.

Media reports in the United States at the weekend said he had been hospitalised in Mexico, due to complications.

On Monday, Domingo did not give his current location but said that “from the very first symptom I was, as usual, under medical supervision, given my age and my co morbidity.”

“Now I continue my therapy and rest,” he added.

Domingo is one of the best known classical music stars but his reputation has been tarnished in recent months by multiple allegations of sexual misconduct involving female singers, musicians and backstage staff.

The singer in February issued a public apology to the women but his appearances at several orchestras and opera houses around the world have been canceled because of the accusations.