Phoenix residents to hold a mass meeting following the death in custody of murder accused Jeetendra Jaikissoon

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A mass community meeting is due to take place on Sunday afternoon in Phoenix, north of Durban, following the death in custody of murder accused, Jeetendra Jaikissoon.

He died in custody at a Durban hospital on Friday.

Jaikissoon and brothers Dylan and Ned Govender are facing charges of murder and attempted murder after a group of Phoenix residents allegedly attacked five unarmed men during July’s civil unrest.

Many took to social media, calling for meetings to decide on a way forward with some even calling on President Cyril Ramaphosa to institute an urgent investigation into Jaikissoon’s death.

Phoenix community activist Visvin Reddy says, “There’s a mass meeting scheduled for tomorrow (Sunday) at the pesto hall at 2pm. We are meeting the community and we’re discussing a way forward. We cannot sit by and do nothing about this.”

“I got information today (Saturday) that those that are still inside prison have now embarked on a hunger strike in support of Jeetendra and to get to the bottom of this.”

In the video below, Jaikissoon’s uncle Manoj Harrilall shares details about his death: