Phoenix residents march for peace and unity

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Members of the Phoenix community in Durban marched for peace and unity under the All Lives Matter Campaign on Sunday.

This follows the deaths of more than 20 people in the Phoenix area during unrest three weeks ago.

Racial tensions flared up amid the looting and violence, as civilians formed groups to protect themselves and alleged racial attacks took place.

Residents denounced racism and all forms of violence, and crime.

The community handed over a memorandum to the local police station with a list of demands. They want the police to ensure the safety of all residents, and that all those who incite violence and fear be prosecuted.


They also demand that police who are accused of violence and brutality be referred to the police watchdog, IPID.

The community is also calling for a racially representative police team to investigate the killings in and around Phoenix.

They say they are united against those who committed crimes.

A police task team have opened 35 murder dockets after investigations into the killings that have sparked a public outcry with some urging government to declare them a massacre.

To date, 10 suspects have appeared in the Verulam Magistrate’s Court on several charges, including murder, attempted murder and the illegal possession of unlicenced firearms.

Fostering social cohesion: