Phinda Shembe has been appointed the new leader of the Thembezinhle faction of the Nazareth Baptist Church.

This after the late former leader, Inkosi Vela Shembe, passed away last month.

The long awaited announcement has been made to the congregants at the Thembezinhle headquarters in Mthwalume on the province’s south coast.

Phinda Shembe, elder brother to the late leader Inkosi Vela Shembe, is taking over the reigns of this faction of the church.

The announcement was made by lawyer, Trevor Nkosi, of the former late leader Inkosi Vela Shembe.

The Thembezinhle faction emerged as winner in a prolonged five year court battle which is now being appealed by the eBuhleni faction led by Inkosi Mduduzi Shembe.

Congregants of the Thembezinhle faction of the Nazareth Baptist Church have reacted with jubilation at the announcement of Inkosi Phinda Shembe as the new leader.

Shembe is also an attorney by profession and will have to leave his law practice of twenty-one years to fulfill his brother’s wishes. He is married to one wife and they have three children.