The late National Coordinator of the Traditional Healers Organisation (THO), Phephisile “Temagcamane” Maseko has be laid to rest in Malalane, east of Mbombela, in Mpumalanga.

Maseko died in hospital earlier this week after a short illness.

Traditional healers, spotting their traditional regalia, came out in their numbers to pay their last respects.

Maseko’s younger sister, Bakhombisile Maseko, says the family is devastated.

“As a family we are shattered, we are torn apart. She kept on giving us hope and knowing her that she is a fighter, she is hard working woman; we knew that she will emerge stronger but she decided to  rest. She decided to rest amongst the angels.  Africa has really lost a leader, South Africa has lost a leader, internationally oh they lost a leader, ATM they have lost a leader. From the day since  the news came to us  even now we are still shocked it’s like someone will say no she will come home.”

Her recent inclusion as the member of the Ministerial Advisory Committee on COVID-19 by Health Minister, Dr Zweli Mkhize, was another feather in her hat.

THO says Maseko was the organisation’s voice on many issues affecting traditional healers. The organisation’s gogo Dabulamanzi Ndala says Maseko has played her part.

‘The loss of her has affected the whole nation because now we are stuck with the issue of  the coronavirus and also with the vaccine if she was still around she was going to tell us if the vaccine is okay or not and now we are stuck as traditional healers. We don’t know whether to use it  or not.  There was a time when she was fighting for us… for our herbs so that people can get healed.”

Chief Zakhele Maseko, from the Royal Nguni family, says Phephisile fought a good fight for all.

“As the highness has passed on, we have lost a pillar, she left a  void in our lives, she was a coordinator indeed, she managed to lead us. Today we are occupying positions because of her inspirations, she supported us a lot, when we received the news that she is no more we couldn’t believe.”

Maseko is survived by her husband, three children and parents.

Phephisile Maseko laid to rest: