People’s Alliance (PA)

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People’s Alliance was founded by Victor Jacobs and colleagues in Johannesburg in 2007. Due to Victor’s poor and regressing health condition, Samuel H Kennedy, was elected in 2009 to take over as the president of the party.

The party’s vision is:

We are inspired by God to do his work on this earth until the second coming of our Master when HE returns for us in glory.
We believe Jesus Christ is our Saviour; Our Redeemer; Our Helper; Our Provider; King of Kings; Lord of Lords; Ruler & Creator of the Heaven & Earth & everything in it.

According to the party their aims and objectives in politics are: “As outlined in Scripture which sayeth’ how then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? (Romans 10 v 14).”

People’s Alliance believes they are the ‘Voice Of Reason’ for South Africa given the subtle racial complexities and prejudices South Africans have against one another.

They believe their role is to be champions and protagonists for the cause of: Nation Building; National Reconciliation & National Unity across all sectors of our society.

The party has travelled across South Africa, in the Eastern, Western and Northern Cape and Gauteng communicating with various leaders across many towns and cities preaching their vision and our message to the various communities.

People’s Alliance says they have identified leadership structures.

“Pursuant to this, we have also identified regional and local leadership and communications structures, in preparation for the various Regional Conventions leading up to our National Convention with the aim of chartering a very clear and explicit strategic plan and program of action, in preparation for the forthcoming National & Provincial Government elections in 2014.”

According to the Independent Electoral Commission 2014 election list, People’s Alliance will be participating for the first time in this year’s elections.

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