People with albinism still face discrimination, abuse: ASSA

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People with albinism still face multiple forms of discrimination and abuse, according to the Albinism Society of South Africa (ASSA).

Thursday marks International Albinism Awareness Day and an event was held at Nasrec outside Soweto.

Issues relating to economic empowerment for entrepreneurs with disabilities were also discussed.

United Nations (UN) Commissioner for Human Rights, Abigail Noko, says albinism remains misunderstood and there are many myths.

“In many ways persons with albinism experience such unfortunate forms of dehumanization. There are often many myths about using their body parts for witchcraft. There are stories that people with albinism disappear. So I think that we are still in a situation today where persons with albinism still face threats to their right to life, their right to security, their right to enjoy basic rights that all of us shouldn’t take for granted and they are human beings like all of us and there is no reason why they should be treated differently,” says Noko.

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