Leader of Forum 4 Service Delivery Mbahare Kekana says people are tired of mainstream politics. He believes the party is offering more service delivery and less politics. Kekana was addressing a rally in Bloemfontein. He says the current government has failed people.

“People are tired of mainstream politics, your parties in Parliament are doing nothing for people. So that’s why in local government, you see Forum 4 Service Delivery is dominating and also independent candidates. So as an organisation, we are of service delivery, we talk less about politics because people have 27 years talking politics, politics. People are tired, people want service delivery. That’s why we are strictly 80 percent about service delivery and 20 percent, little bit of politics,” Kekana explains.

Kekana says that it’s time for people to vote wisely. He says the ruling party should make noise about job opportunities the same way it is doing when campaigning for votes.

VIDEO: LGE 2021 – Forum for Service Delivery elections manifesto launch: