President of the African Content Movement, Haludi Motsoeneng says a number of issues ranging from vote rigging, little time to campaign, as well as his votes benefiting another party by mistake have put paid to his presidential ambitions – at least for now.

Speaking to SABC Digital News on Friday afternoon, Motsoeneng says there are people who have complained to him that they were trying to vote for his party but mistakenly voted for another party, which has now benefited from votes actually meant for his party.

Pressed on whether that party could be the ANC or ATM, which have almost the same rhyme as the ACM, Motsoeneng refused to name and shame.

“I know there are two parties actually. Even if you look at social media… it’s not the ANC. It’s far away from the ANC. The new parties that came (in these elections).”


“No, I don’t want to mention the party. But even when you look at social media, some of them are saying they have voted Hlaudi, but if you look there, they voted for the second party.”

Looking at the ballot, the ACM is placed between the ACD and the ACO, which could possibly be the parties that would have, according to Motsoeneng, ‘stolen’ ACM votes.

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Despite having to adjust his ambitions – as it is clear that he will not be occupying any office at the Union Buildings as yet – Motsoeneng says this is not the end of the road for him. He has, however, ruled out the the possibility of returning to the ANC on the back of his poor showing, insisting it is still colder within the ANC than outside.

He says he’s not coming up with excuses now by stating he only had four months to campaign.

“If you deal with reality, you’ll know I am telling you the truth. My ambition is still the same ambition. I am not running away from it. I am saying we are going to rebuild this movement. I am still going to be the president of this country.”

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