People should buy from stores in their areas during lockdown: Moremi

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The Limpopo Community Safety Department says law enforcement officers have the right to turn away and impose fines on people who attempt to access shopping malls and complexes far from their areas during the lockdown.

Grocery stores and pharmacies remain open during lockdown. Some residents complain that being prevented from going to the nearest towns to buy groceries has resulted in overcrowding at their local shopping complexes.

They also accused police and traffic officers of demanding permits to go shopping in town.

The Department’s Spokesperson, Matome Moremi says people should buy from stores in their areas.

Moremi says, “Our expectation is that during this period you are supposed to be buying grocery and we are expecting you to buy it for the whole month, and there are those essentials that you can buy after every two days. That would be your bread, that would be your vegetables and these can be found anywhere near your nearest shop and that is why our police will always return you and say no, go back to the nearest complex or supermarket. If you insist, they have got the power to detain you for a fine. That is why many people are saying police demand permits, no they don’t want permits.”

In the video below, residents in North West municipality can now order essentials via WhatsApp:


In the video below, Johannesburg residents line up to shop at retail stores:

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