People living with HIV/AIDS urged to take pills

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The Selenium Research Institute in Johannesburg has urged South African’s living with HIV and AIDS to take at least one solinium tablet a day in order to boost the immune system and increase the CD4 count.

The Institute participated in Gauteng’s commemoration of World AIDS Day at the Ellis Park sports arena in Johannesburg, under the theme ‘Girls growing up in Gauteng’.

The event is being used to strengthen awareness on the prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS in the province.

Howard Armstead, the Director of the Institute in Johannesburg says, “Solinium is the key ingredient in the immune system, it’s the strongest thing to boost and increase cd4 count besides ARV’s. So solinium can actually if you take one a day it’s been proven to slow HIV becoming AIDS by 44%, so it can really slow it down a lot and when you add it with ARV’s it’s the only immune booster recommended to take with ARV’s with no contra-indication so you can take it with the ARV’s and it boosts the CD4 count.”

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