People are plotting to overthrow Buhari’s government: Report

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The Nigerian Presidency has released an intelligence report that some people are plotting to overthrow the government of President Muhammadu Buhari.

This has thrown out a lot of dust as politicians, constitutional lawyers, analysts and security experts take turns to evaluate the veracity of the claim and the possibility of there being a coup in the making.

The coup plot is said to be planned by a group of Nigerians who are also organising a vote of no confidence in the President.

Nigerian politician, Dino Melaye says, “In Abuja here, how can individuals be the ones citing either Boko Haram or bandits in Kujeya and other outskirts of the town? Is that not a misnomer? Does it not show that something is wrong? And all this, I’m still telling you, boils down to leadership failure.”

“The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is grossly incompetent, not capable and all I expect is that since this man has shown more than enough evidence that he has no capacity to run this country, President Buhari should, in the interest of Nigerians that are dying, please excuse us,” adds Melaye.