Those who have successfully applied to the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) for the new round of TERS payments should have started getting paid as from Monday.

The UIF says it has received over 4 000 applications since it opened for them last week. 

The UIF TERS benefit scheme is a lifeline for businesses who cannot afford to pay salaries to their employees due to being shut down as part of the COVID-19 restrictions.

The UIF says 4 116 people have applied for relief thus far. About half of them have been rejected due to stringent verification checks that have been introduced since the Auditor General found last year that millions of rand had been paid to wrong people including prisoners and deceased individuals.

The current round of TERS payments will benefit affected workers in restaurants, cinemas, theatres, hotels and casinos, among many others.

Labour federation, Cosatu, has hailed the move.

Trade unions welcome agreement to reinstate the COVID-19 relief fund: