Veteran journalist, Jacques Pauw, says he has been receiving death threats since the release of his book: “The President’s Keepers”.

The book exposes alleged corruption by President Jacob Zuma and how he placed people in strategic positions to represent his interests using state agencies.

According to Pauw, some of the whistle-blowers he spoke to came from the government’s law enforcement agencies.

They include officials from SARS, state and police intelligence, the NPA and the Hawks.

Pauw alleges, among other things in the book, that President Jacob Zuma received a monthly salary from a businessman.

Since the release of the book, he has been receiving death threats. He says the latest threat was made on Monday night.

Speaking on Morning Live he says: “I had two death threats on Saturday and I had a nasty one on Monday night. I suppose it comes with a book like this. There is some very, very unhappy people out there. I was in fact on the phone to Ronnie Kasrils Monday night and we were discussing his new book and while I was talking to Ronnie there was a private number coming through somebody was trying to phone and at some point I said to Ronnie it might be the lawyers. The moment I took it, there was someone who said to me if you don’t stop writing about Jacob Zuma you’re going to be dead and then put the phone down.”

Government agencies like the State Security Agency and SARS are threatening to take Pauw to court.

The State Security Agency sent a cease and desist letter to Pauw and his publishers are trying to stop the release of the book. He says he was not surprised when he received the letter on the legal challenge to have the book removed within five days.

He says the threat was that should the book not be removed, there will be an urgent interdict to stop him. He says the five days expired at 12 midnight.

Exclusive books has ordered another 15 000 copies of the book as the rush on the book made sure it sold out.

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Pauw continues to say he believes President Zuma doesn’t fully grasp what is happening in the country.

He says the fact that he is willing to go through with a nuclear deal that can financially cripple the country says a lot about how the President thinks.

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